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IOD Decor Stamps


 IOD Décor Stamps are essentially what they sound like - a stamp! Similar to a stamp you might have used as a child -- but magical. The IOD Décor Stamps have the power to transform an item into something extraordinary. Use with Chalk Paint™ or IOD Ink.

And there's more! IOD décor stamps aren’t just for furniture and home décor, you can use them to transform your food art as well! The stamps are made from a food safe material.*

Unlike transfers, these stamps can be used and many times as you like. They are super durable and can be washed with soap and water to clean.

For more detailed instuctions about using IOD Decor Stamps, go to:

(*Do not use the same sets for food and paint. They are not for high heat applications. Do not put in dishwasher as they will melt at extreme heats.)