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Milk Paint 101 Class (Virtual)
Milk Paint 101 Class (Virtual) Milk Paint 101 Class (Virtual) Milk Paint 101 Class (Virtual) Milk Paint 101 Class (Virtual) Milk Paint 101 Class (Virtual)

Milk Paint 101 Class (Virtual)

Milk paint is traditionally powdered paint that is non-toxic and has no VOC’s. It has been used in North America for hundreds of years on furniture, walls, barns, etc., but has been around for thousands of years, and was even found in the pyramids in Egypt and on ancient cave paintings.

I know you're curious about Milk Paint but you may also feel a little intimidated!

Join me for the virtual Milk Paint 101 class to learn about all the uses and looks of this intriguing and beautiful paint.

The 5 videos that make up this class will cover everything you need to confidently use Milk paint.

Video 1 - Introduction

     The Introduction video will get you started on your Milk paint journey.

Video 2 - Mixing and Prep

     The Mixing and Prep video will cover how to mix Milk paint as a stain, as a wash, and as a full paint. It will also cover how to store your power and paint and tips for getting the most out of your Milk paint. 

Video 3 - Textures and Looks

     The Textures and Looks video will show you how to achieve a variety of looks and textures on your furniture and home decor pieces. We will cover how to get these looks: smooth, stained, chippy, layered, and distressed. We will also cover how to use a bonding agent. 

Video 4 - Finishes and Topcoats

     The Finishes and Topcoats video will walk you through finishing your furniture or home decor project once it has been painted with Milk paint. We will cover how to use Hemp Oil, Waxes, and clear coats to get give your piece the protections it needs.

Video 5 -Final Tips

     The final video will send you off with some additional tricks and tips to get the most out of Milk Paint.

This class includes two handy downloadable worksheets, is suitable for all levels, and includes over 40 minutes of videos. Videos are pre-recorded and you can watch them at a pace and time convenient to you.


Please note that by purchasing this video series you agree not to post, share, distribute, or upload these videos to any site at any time. 

To get a little sneak peek of the class, check out the introduction video below...

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