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Sign Making 101 Class (Virtual)
Sign Making 101 Class (Virtual) Sign Making 101 Class (Virtual) Sign Making 101 Class (Virtual) Sign Making 101 Class (Virtual) Sign Making 101 Class (Virtual)

Sign Making 101 Class (Virtual)

Wood signs are a popular decor trend that works with virtually any style. They are incredibly versatile and creating your own is an inexpensive way to add a piece of art to any room in your home. This class will walk you through just how easy it is to paint your own, no matter what your artistic level. 

The 5 videos that make up this virtual class will cover everything you need to confidently make signs link a pro with no special machines or fancy tools.

Video 1 - Introduction

Begin the Sign Making class with this quick introduction.

Video 2 - Prep, Staining, and Painting the Surface

This video will walk you through getting the wood and background ready for your sign.

Video 3 - Transferring Your Pattern

Learn two different quick and easy ways to transfer any script or image to your sign without any fancy tools.

Video 4 - Finishing Your Sign

We will look at multiple ways to finish and protect your new piece.

Video 5 -Additional Tips

A few final tips for painting and decorating with signs.


This class includes two handy downloadable worksheets, is suitable for all levels, and includes over 40 minutes of videos. Videos are pre-recorded and you can watch them at a pace and time convenient to you.


Please note that by purchasing this video series you agree not to post, share, distribute, or upload these videos to any site at any time. 


To get a little sneak peek of the class, check out the introduction video below... 

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