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Annie Sloan Satin Paint


Annie Sloan Satin Paint is the paint you need for interior wood and metal. This hard-wearing, soft-sheen Satin Paint differs from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in that there is no need to apply Wax or Lacquer to protect and finish after painting.

The Annie Sloan Satin Paint range is comprised of 14 beautiful colours from the Annie Sloan Wall Paint palette. This will make it as fuss-free as possible for customers to achieve an elegant, holistic interiors scheme.

Annie Sloan Satin Paint is washable and wipeable, quick-drying and water-based. It has a 10% sheen, giving a subtle luminosity and greater hard-wearing properties than a matte paint. It’s also a water-based, certified Toy Safe, low VOC paint with A+ indoor air quality, like all paints from the Annie Sloan range. 

As well as being a furniture paint, Annie Sloan Satin Paint is specifically designed for the most hardworking parts of your home. Annie Sloan Satin Paint is a skirting paint, a bannister paint, a radiator paint, a millwork paint, and a kitchen cabinet paint. Use on these areas and the slight sheen in this wood paint will keep them looking beautiful, durable and well protected for years to come. Even in busy households. 

How do I prep my surface?
Only use Annie Sloan Satin Paint inside and on metallic or wooden furniture for best results. Thoroughly sand, clean and degrease any surfaces previously painted with gloss paint, wax or lacquer before using Annie Sloan Satin Paint. If it is not practical to sand down to remove any sheen, an adhesion primer will help your paint adhere to the surface. If you are painting kitchen cabinets, we recommend doing both.

All surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from any dust, debris or oil-based contaminants before using Annie Sloan Satin Paint. We advise using a water-based detergent such as sugar soap to thoroughly clean.

Prior to painting, read the Technical Information sheet for best guidance.

Is Satin Paint hard to maintain and is it long-lasting?
Annie Sloan Satin Paint is extremely hard wearing, long-lasting, and durable. The satin-like qualities in the finish makes it harder to scratch than other paints, and if scratches do occur, they will be less visible thanks to the sheen. Annie Sloan Satin Paint will be touch dry within hours but will not be cured to complete strength for around 14 days. The full curing time of 14 days should be observed before cleaning your newly painted finish. After this time, paintwork can be washed with a mild soap solution and soft cloth. If extra protection is required apply Chalk Paint Lacquer by Annie Sloan.